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women back to back on golf course

Sponsoring Golf Tournaments

SERVPRO of Lake of the Ozarks sponsored the 10th Annual Duck Drop Golf Tournament at Bear Creek Valley. We met other members of the community and had fun while doing it with giveaways and team photos. 

people paddling a green boat

Float your Boat!

SERVPRO® of Lake of the Ozarks got the opportunity to participate in the Float Your Boat event in June! Boats had to be made out of cardboard and duct tape, and proceeds benefited local food pantries. We at SERVPRO love to be a part of community events as we are always Here to help® when the community needs us.

a damaged room with a tree coming through the roof

A Tree Falls Into a Roof

Fierce winds from a storm caused a tree to fall through this client’s home and allow debris and water to enter in. Our team of skilled professionals at SERVPRO cleaned up the damage, dried out the space and repaired the client’s contents. 

storm with lightning

Storm Season Ready

Springtime can bring about thunderstorms and tornadoes due to a combination of moisture and hot, rising air. Be prepared for the unpredictability by knowing SERVPRO provides 24-hour emergency service and is prepared for storm damage situations. 

a desiccant coming from the ceiling

Desiccant in Use

A desiccant is used during a water damage job to direct airflow away from the loss area to speed up the drying process. If you find yourself involved in a large water loss situation, you can expect to see our skilled SERVPRO team use this machine.

infrared device screen

Assessing Unseen Water Damage

Our SERVPRO teams will use a thermal imaging camera to assess water damage as the device can determine moisture levels in walls, floors and ceilings. After, our teams will remediate the damage and may apply microbial to affected areas. 

man cleaning kitchen backsplash

Kitchen Cleaning

SERVPRO was called in to clean this commercial space’s kitchen and food preparing areas including the wall backsplash and grout. Not only are our SERVPRO professionals trained in water, fire and mold remediation, but also in general cleaning. Let our team get your commercial cooking spaces sparking again so you can focus on your important customers.  

a burned off roof after a fire

Apartment Fire

A malfunctional bathroom exhaust fan caused a fire in this apartment building. The client knew to call SERVPRO right away to remediate the damage. Our team went in and sealed the roof to prevent further damage and cleared the area. SERVPRO also needed to clean the surrounding units due to traveling soot and water leakage. If a disaster such as this occurs, do not hesitate to contact the ones Here to help. 

a table with half showing preloss condition and half restored

Contents Cleaning After a Fire

When a fire occurs, it leaves soot remaining in the air and on materials in your home. Leftover soot that sits on surfaces can be unsafe and damaging to your objects. Luckily, SERVPRO of Lake of the Ozarks offers contents cleaning services to get your materials looking like their preloss conditions.  

matterport camera

Capturing a Loss

SERVPRO is ready to handle any restoration job that comes its way! Using the Matterport camera is one of the ways our team stays prepared by helping to locate water and electricity sources in a commercial space. This camera captures a space in a 3D format, allowing a user to virtually move through a space. For SERVPRO professionals, this allows them to locate the source of damage and assess the loss further.

vehicles on a trailer truck

New Wheels

With an expanding franchise comes more SERVPRO® vehicles. This fleet traveled from Iowa City, Iowa to Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri to aid our teams in disaster relief and restoration. With our franchise now having ten locations, it is vital to keep each location stocked with the most up-to-date equipment, PPE and vehicles. SERVPRO of Lake of the Ozarks stands as the franchise’s most recent location to be purchased, and the company is excited to see what the future holds for the spot. 

bubbling paint on wall

Moisture in Walls

Bubbling paint on your walls can mean excess moisture in your home that needs to be dried out. A team of SERVPRO professionals is equipped to restore this issue and get your home back on track. They will conduct a moisture reading to get accurate results and make the damage seem “Like it never even happened.” 

pipe bursted through wall

Burst Pipes Causing Damage

When a pipe bursts in a residential home, it can lead to a slew of issues such as hidden microbial growth and building materials getting ruined. SERVPRO has the experience, equipment and expertise to restore damage of this type and is always Here to help.

Air scrubber on floor

Air Scrubbers Provide Safer Air

A SERVPRO air scrubber helps to filter the air and provide safer living and breathing conditions. Typically following a job that involves microbial growth, air scrubbers filter out airborne particles and release cleaner air. Additionally, these machines are used during demolition jobs when debris and dust are present in the air and when fans from water jobs push these particles around. 

house with boarded up siding

When Disaster "Strikes"

A storm that damages your home is something you can never be prepared for. This residential home needed to be boarded up following a lightning strike that started a fire and, thanks to SERVPRO’s 24-hour emergency service, our teams were able to prevent the home from taking on further water damage. When disaster “strikes” call the ones who are Here to help.  

hallway with fans and dehumidfiers

Large Space Water Damage

When a commercial building has water damage following a storm or other disaster, it can affect carpeting throughout the space. Sitting, wet carpet may lead to safety concerns such as microbial growth, which is why hiring a team of SERVPRO professionals is the right decision. They’ll get the job done right while staying prompt and professional. Using fans, desiccant and dehumidifiers, SERVPRO teams dried out the water from this carpet and carefully examined atmospheric readings to determine moisture levels. To make your commercial damage seem “Like it never even happened,” do not hesitate to hire the team with the most expertise and efficiency, SERVPRO. 

woman cleaning up insulation debris

Insulation Removal

When blown-in insulation gets wet after a storm or other water-related happenings, it gets packed down and loses its value and can develop microbial growth. Using trained professionals and quality experience, SERVPRO is able to remove the insulation in your home to keep your space running at its best potential. Removing insulation can be dangerous and should be completed by professionals who understand the dangers of fiberglass and asbestos, two unsafe substances that can be a safety concern. SERVPRO uses commercial insulation vacuums to remove the insulation and can inspect the area for further damage. After that, new insulation can be blown in, and the job is done! 

Man working at desk

We Arrive Any Time!

SERVPRO knows that storm-related disasters can happen at any time, regardless of regular work hours and schedules. This is why our teams provide 24-hour emergency service and are dedicated to responding faster to any size disaster. For residential services that can bring you peace of mind when something goes wrong, SERVPRO offers water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, storm damage restoration, general cleaning and building services. A commercial property impacted by damage can also be restored by SERVPRO with services such as commercial water damage restoration, commercial fire damage restoration, commercial mold remediation, storm damage and large loss event restoration, and cleaning services. 

man conversing with insurance

Strengthening Relationships

Here at SERVPRO, we have in-house Marketing Representatives to begin and strengthen potential relationships with local insurance agents, property managers and more to show how SERVPRO can be there to help clients when fire or water damage occurs. Marketing Representatives also work to meet with potential clients, host trade shows and create Emergency Ready Profiles, which are concise profile documents that hold critical information needed in the event of an emergency. Promoting the SERVPRO brand is essential to getting clients to trust SERVPRO in times of uncertainty, and ERPs allow for preparedness when disaster strikes unexpectedly. Likewise, the relationships created with various insurance agents help to further SERVPRO’s promise of having a quick and easy claims process.

two large loss fleets

Here Come Our Disaster Recovery Teams!

SERVPRO’s fleet of large loss vehicles is here for when disaster strikes, and so are our Disaster Recovery Teams. Like the trucks say: SERVPRO is “Ready for whatever happens” whether the concern is fire, water, storm or biohazard related. So, protect your commercial property by hiring SERVPRO immediately and take the stress off you and your colleagues. Some key factors that keep SERVPRO as being the #1 choice in the cleanup and restoration industry include being ready 24/7, having specialized teams for varying loss types, being strategically located and making the claims process swift. If your commercial space gets hit with a large loss situation, know that SERVPRO is Here to Help.

drywall shown with flood cut

Flood Cut After Water Damage

SERVPRO’s large loss team is ready for any job the day throws at it and can be there to clean and restore properties following water damage or flooding. When water sits on drywall, it can lead to microbial growth and will damage parts of the wall and insulation. This is why SERVPRO professionals will perform a flood cut, as seen in the image above. Drywall will be removed above where the water damage stopped and the interior wall can be inspected for safety concerns. Materials are either dried out to be reconstructed later or disposed of if microbial growth is apparent. If you run into the unfortunate situation that is flooding in your home, you can now be aware of the process that will be done at SERVPRO with a flood cut.

woman steaming tile

Bad Grout Get Out!

The tile and grout on the floor or walls can become dirty and soiled over time with heavy use, leading to discoloration and staining of the grout. Fixing this cosmetic problem can be timely or strenuous, which is why SERVPRO offers professional tile cleaning to its clients. Using a mix of SERVPRO proprietary products, including a heavy-duty degreaser, industrial cleaner, and a tile and grout cleaner, along with a pressurized rotary tool, SERVPRO technicians work to scrub and steam tiles to cleanliness. Neglecting to clean tiles and grout can also lead to dangerous microbial growth buildup underneath the surface and slippery, unsafe walking surfaces. To keep this from happening, take advantage of SERVPRO’s professional tile and grout cleaning service and have your floors sparkling and safe again. 

man and girl on golf cart during parade

Work-Life Balance

If a positive work-life balance is something you value in a job, look no further than a career with SERVPRO. Our company, which is always Here to help®, knows that family time and hobbies outside of work are important. If workers are not on call to take phone calls or restore homes and commercial spaces at any time, they are encouraged to leave SERVPRO duties at the door. SERVPRO also realizes how important each employee’s family is to him or her. So, when marketing events take place, children and family are invited to join. If a positive work-life balance is of value to you, consider sending a resume to

Affected Area Closed Off By A Containment

Containments Are Our BEST FRIENDS!

Here at SERVPRO, we work in affected areas of a home that our client could still occupy. To ensure we close off the affected area, we will use contaminants to separate the two areas. We set contaminants on fire, water, mold, and reconstruction job to either close off the area or to help speed up the restoration process. It speeds up the restoration time because it keeps the airflow in the affected area. Fire jobs keep the soot/smoke damage in the affected areas to keep the affected area from spreading. Contaminants are used on water jobs to help dry a specific room by making the affected area smaller. Reconstruction or demolition uses containments to keep dust particles from spreading to other parts of the home/business.

SERVPRO equipment ready to be placed on a job.

When We Are Needed, We Bring The Heat

You never have to guess with SERVPRO of Lake of the Ozarks because we will be there when disaster strikes. When we get the approval from the client to start work on a job affected by a fire, we will immediately place a Vapor Shark to help eliminate the persistent odor that remains. We do this because we immediately want to provide results for our clients. After all, the sooner their disasters get solved, they can return to normal. Once our Project Manager scopes and sketches the building into our software, it will generate a total number and the equipment's location to receive the results we want. If you have a project where you need the SERVPRO Heat, please call our team at (573) 346-7200.

Office Manager, Lauren returning items to client who experienced a disaster.

Returning Happiness to Our Clients!

We've talked about the steps we will take when restoring your property and contents. Our employees worked endless hours to restore your family picture of your mom and dad, who are no longer with us. Norma and Cindy have spent long hours wiping every inch of the content to eliminate any evidence of the disaster you experienced. The time to return the restored items to our clients has fully recovered from the fire they experienced. I wish you could feel the emotions people share with you as they look through the boxes of contents we saved. It's a genuinely emotional experience that brings our team joy because it shows them that the hard work paid off. By choosing SERVPRO of Lake of the Ozarks, you are working with a team that will welcome you into our family.

The Ozone Equipment being utilized to eliminate the smoke odor.

The Ozone Chamber to the Rescue!

We here at SERVPRO of Lake of the Ozarks are proud that we have access to what’s called an Ozone Chamber. We utilize it when we get contents that went through heavy smoke damage as the ozone chamber produces molecules that have third oxygen bonded. When these molecules hit smoke, it captures it and eliminates it. If contents have microbial growth, the 03 attaches itself to the bacteria, odors, germs and destroys the cell wall. Our Content specialist utilizes this chamber frequently as it helps eliminate the stubborn smoke smell.

If you ever experience a fire, call our staff at (573) 346-7200, and we will be happy to assist you with restoring your property/contents. 

Contents being held as they are restored to the pre-loss condition.

Contents Restored To Pre-loss Condition

Content Cleaning is a service we provide for those who have experienced some form of disaster. The clients who use this service the most are victims to fire damage as the smell and soot get captured in the fabric. It’s important to know that different materials hold smoke more than others, so we have employees on staff that are content specialists. Their primary focus is to ensure that the items receive the TLC love they deserve so that they get restored to the preloss condition by knowing the proper procedures to take when cleaning and restoring our client’s property. If you ever see them in the shop, you will notice the q-tips that allow them to get into every knock and cranny. The content specialist takes great pleasure in restoring our client’s items because when they are returned, you can see/feel the emotions brought by having the sentimental items back.

Crew Chief gathering moisture readings to report back to project manager.

Moisture Readings with Hunter

One of our Crew Chiefs showed our Marketing Support Coordinator (MSC) how to use the Moisture Meter properly. If this were a video, you would hear Hunter, crew chief, stating the readings such as 64. That means that drywall is 64% saturated which a normal moisture reading is 12-15% saturated. We can keep a detailed log to ensure we are making progress by documenting the progress. The documentation gathered helps our crew remove unnecessary equipment as the job progresses. Now that Hunter was able to collect the information needed, he will then report to the project manager to advise what the next steps are.

Michele, our Marketing Manager, giving a presentation

Sharing Successful Marketing Practices

Our Business Development Manager, Michele Presley, has gained years of experience in the restoration industry. She has a head full of successful marketing practices just waiting to be shared amongst our SERVPRO Marketing officials. She recently had an excellent opportunity to host a Marketing Symposium alongside other SERVPRO marketing experts. Some of the strategies she spoke upon were:

  • Developing Plans
  • Knowing Your Potential ROI before they need our services
  • Creating SWOT analysis
  • Finding the right Sales and Marketing Representatives. 

As a team, we are honored to have such an experienced Marketing Manager who can provide insight for her location and locations throughout the Midwest. 

SERVPRO trucks all lined up waiting to help where ever help! is needed

Disaster Don’t Wait, Why would SERVPRO?

Fires… Pipe Burstings… Microbial Growth… none of these will wait until you are home or even awake. Disaster could strike at any time of the day, which is why SERVPRO works as a 24/7 365 day operation. Our crew is on standby in case you ever experience a disaster at any hour of any day! So go ahead and call us at (573)346-7200!

Technician using our SERVPRO Products to provide a deep clean

We LOVE To Clean!

All of our staff, including office staff, are trained on providing the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned standard. We offer a wide range of cleaning services, including odor removal, sewage & toilet cleaning, and more! We have the products and equipment to ensure the job gets done quickly and effectively so that our clients can be on their way. If you or anyone you know needs one of our cleaning services, please call SERVPRO of Lake of the Ozarks at (573)346-7200.

Marketing Team Assisting in Providing a General Cleaning

Marketing team providing a general cleaning to help our technicians

One of the first things you learn while working at a SERVPRO location is the importance of teamwork. We believe that all departments should help whenever our Production Technician needs it. Recently, one of our clients was affected by a multibuilding fire in which we had our hub location’s marketing team come and help perform general cleaning. Every person in our business believes in making this a seamless transition from disaster to normalcy. With a project of this size, we had damage ranging from general cleaning/odor removal to a complete loss of business.  

By choosing SERVPRO, you decide to work with a team of professionals willing to work endless hours to get you back to normalcy. If you experience a fire, please don’t hesitate to call SERVPRO of Lake of the Ozarks at (573)346-7200!

Dollhouse view using Matterport scans

Matterport: Making our Client's Life Easier

Here at SERVPRO of Lake of the Ozarks, we believe in providing industry-leading techniques to make our clients' lives easier. One way we achieve this is by providing the highest quality of documentation. We use a Matterport camera that allows for 360° pictures, which provides a virtual reality walkthrough of the structure. When scanning the area, we will do a step-by-step scan that is combined to create a dollhouse view. We then take this documentation and provide it to the adjuster to complete your claim.   

Drying Wood Floor

We were able to save this beautiful wood flooring with using the floor mats.